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Simon Zenios and Co LLC is a law firm based in Cyprus, providing corporate, fiduciary and advisory services to international business involving financial technology (Fintech). The law firm specializes in the area of blockchain/ distributed ledger technology, covering all related aspects, from issuing crypto-assets to the licensing of entities which fall within the scope of regulation and supervision under the Cyprus and European Law, such as investment firms, and electronic money institutions. The law firm aims to provide to its clients with candid, direct and sufficient information along with services on the aspects it specializes.

Latest News

Fintech Industry – Blockchain, Forex and Electronic Money Institutions remain Resilient despite Covid-19

  • 19/05/20

COVID-19 and its remarkable impact on all walks of life have been making headlines for several weeks now. The outbreak...

Difference between E-money Institutions and Payment Institutions in Europe

The European Fintech industry is flourishing and has seen tremendous growth and sprout of new payment gateways and remittance companies...

Legal & Corporate Services

Forex Broker / Investment Firm License

Forex brokers licensed in Europe and internationally, have the ability to establish a branch in Cyprus, a reputable and trusted jurisdiction.

Payment & E-money Institution

E-banks and payment gateways are increasing in popularity, however, Blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms are considered to provide regulated services which require a license.

Alternative Investment Fund

The Alternative Investment Funds Law enacted in 2018 aims to make Cyprus one of the major destinations for fund establishment in Europe and…

Cyprus Tax Residency and Non-Domicile Rules

Cyprus tax residency for individuals is determined by the number of days spent in the country during a calendar year (183 days)

IEO International Legal Services

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) are the new trend of the crypto sphere, where tokens are offered through an exchange partner.

ICO Legal Services

The crypto sphere is still a relatively new and evolving area of business and finance affecting markets and daily transactions globally.

STO Legal Services

The primary differentiating factor for the STOs is the involvement of regulatory and overseeing authorities.

Cyprus Company Incorporation

If you want more information on how to start your business in Cyprus, please contact Simon Zenios & Co LLC and we will go through the details about a Cyprus Company Registration…

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