3rd reason out of 8 to register your company under the Cyprus jurisdiction

Citizenship by Investment through a Cyprus Company

After visiting another two significant reasons why Cyprus is ideal for opening a company, Taxation and flexible Corporate Structures, the third one comes as an equally important aspect that should be considered. This is the Citizenship by Investment option which provides a variety of benefits to the potential investors.

Firstly, there is the option to invest a minimum amount of €2,0 million in Cypriot Company. The company must have a physical presence in Cyprus, significant activity and employ at least 5 Cypriots or EU citizens. Moreover, the investment is retained for a minimum of 5 years after obtaining citizenship.

The option mentioned above can also be combined with other options, like a real estate purchase to reach the €2,0 million required.

Additionally, a donation to the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Cyprus Land Development Corporation of at least €75.000 is required, plus having a residence permit in Cyprus and residential property of at least €500.000.

Finally, family members are included in the application, benefitting even more individuals.

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