Why Open a Company in Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is considered to be one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe to form a limited liability company due to its advantageous tax system. As a full member of the EU, Cyprus offers you one of the lowest tax regimes in Europe of just 12.5%.

Cyprus is ideal for holding assets in Europe because it offers you the same benefits that a traditional offshore jurisdiction should offer. Additional benefits arise from the fact that there is full exemption from tax on dividend income, no withholding tax for dividends paid to non-residents and no capital gains tax.

Cyprus is an established international financial Centre with a wide network of Double Tax Treaties.

Furthermore, Cyprus’ tax system is in full compliance with EU requirements and also with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) requirements against harmful tax practices. Thus, is an ideal place to lower your tax burden with no risk.

Cyprus company formation

Cyprus tax system main features:

  • Corporation Tax Rate is 12,5%, amongst the lowest in the EU
  • Foreign source income is tax exempt
  • Profits on transactions in shares is tax exempt
  • No withholding taxes on outbound dividends, interests and royalties
  • No thin capitalization rules
  • No exchange controls
  • No capital gains tax (except on real estate located in Cyprus)
  • Wide network of favourable tax treaties.

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Published on: 31/08/17