2nd reason out of 8 to register your company under the Cyprus jurisdiction

Flexible Corporate Structures

After visiting the first reason, moving on with why Cyprus is considered as an ideal jurisdiction for an investor to register their company, the flexible corporate structures offered are the second equally important aspect. What is mostly meant by that is that there are no strict requirements as for the individuals involved in the registration of the company.

In more detail, the minimum number of shareholders is one and there is no requirement for them to be locals, so there is the flexibility to hire a person of the applicant’s preference without being limited. Also, the minimum number of directors and secretary is one and there is no requirement for them to be locals, either. Although this also provides some sort of freedom, it is advisable that locals are hired as for the procedure to be more direct and less time-consuming.

Moving on, the director and secretary can be the same person and corporate persons can become company officers and shareholders. Finally, nominee services and shelf companies are available. These practicalities conclude the second reason why Cyprus is considered to be ideal for registering a company.

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Published on: 08/10/19