About Us

Areas of Expertise

Simon Zenios and Co LLC is a law firm providing legal & corporate services to businesses of all sizes. Our general aim is the best result provided by on-going support, effort and based on experience and adequate knowledge. Areas of speciality include corporate, fiduciary, immigration and advisory services, as well as litigation and arbitration.

The spectrum of services provided also includes IEO, ICO and STO legal services and investigation on the expansion of blockchain activities in Cyprus. One of our primary concerns is to be up to date with the current legal framework of our country and globally. In that way, we become able to aid you in any legal issue when deciding to proceed to such endeavours.

From personal topics, such as family law, wills and succession, personal injury and civil wrongs, to more professional-oriented interests, like starting and registering your company and tax planning in Cyprus and internationally, our firm is here to assist you in every step of a successful outcome.

Our team

Our comprehensive team consists of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants based in Cyprus, who are at your beck and call whenever you seek for assistance and advice on laws on a national and international level. Our specialized firm has close links and strong associations with reputable law firms, audit firms, private equity managers, and fiduciaries in Cyprus, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS countries).

Our personnel is not only encouraged to advise our clients on the technicalities of the law, but also to bear in mind the policies and the legal requirements that lie behind. In this way, we build trust and inspire confidence to our clients and ourselves.

Our dedicated team come from diverse nationalities with strong international experience of practice and having the knowledge and experience required to help clients with complicated legal issues especially when it comes to litigation, immigration law, corporate law, commercial law and business law.

Our ideology

We stand upon the all under one roof ideology, as our clients are facilitated concerning a vast field of subject matters, including legal matters, taxation and accountancy on the one hand and human rights and insurance on the other.

Thus, we come prepared and equipped, with all bases covered and the desire to establish a common goal with you: to team up and walk through the road to success on whatever you wish to pursue, legally, securely and in a cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to use our talents, knowledge and expertise in the best interest of our clientele. Our experience and our desire for perfection, are the leading virtues, escorting us in every service we undertake. Our policy is based upon treating our clientele with the professionalism which characterizes our firm and handling all topics in which we engage with strict confidentiality.

Our policy

Our values and policy aim to differentiate and prioritize your needs and proceed to strategic action, which brings the desired effects. As a firm, we look at the past for the collection of knowledge and information, yet we strive to be directed to a developed and more productive future in the world of law.

Why us

You are welcome to reach us and express your vision, and we are willing to transform it into a reality through secure and lawful steps to its fulfilment. We focus on building relationships with our clientele, which are based on mutual trust and loyalty. Constant and direct communication is one of the key elements of achieving the best results regarding individual needs.

Who we are

Simon Zenios and Co LLC is a law firm located in the centre of the commercial side of Larnaca, providing legal & corporate services to businesses of all sizes. Areas of speciality include corporate, fiduciary, immigration and advisory services as well as litigation and arbitration. We aim to provide our clients with candid, direct and sufficient information and services on the aspects we specialize in.

Our clients-Our focus

At Simon Zenios and Co LLC, we invest in our clients’ needs and focus on delivering the best solution for multi-faceted situations. Understanding what our clients need and combining it with what they wish for, through innovative processes lead to the alignment of the two. We set the foundations of collaboration between personnel and clientele to enhance our services and ensure we provide value. Our theory is not just quality over quantity, but the merger of the two in handing in timely qualitative services.

Our principles

At Simon Zenios and Co LLC, we do not just aim to fulfil our clients’ requests, rather than exceed their expectations. Continually striving for excellence and perfection brings the corresponding results, of not disappointing the individuals who put trust in us. Ambition, in combination with talent and knowledge, create a guaranteed recipe for success.

Our team consists of an approachable and creative group of people who work towards a common goal through teamwork. We trust that our people do not lack the excitement to constantly accept and embrace new challenges, by not just being on the line of the current trends and situations in the world of law, but ahead of it.

Diversity in our team and the maintenance of an all-inclusive working environment is transmitted to our clients and inspires an overall positivity on the grounds of healthy collaboration. We bear in mind that the wellbeing of our team is interconnected with the safety our clients feel when turning to us.

Our strategies

As we are continually asked to assist our clients in the management of complicated legal issues related to services and businesses, our team of specialized professionals aim to advise the individuals accordingly and efficiently. In this way, we ensure that they feel safe and confident in proceeding in the steps they wish to make.

Finally, we make sure that we stay updated by following the latest updates on legal and commercial matters and taking part in international meetings and conferences, which inform us of changes that take place concerning legal matters and enable the growth of a variety of perceptions.

The never-resting attitude of Simon Zenios and Co LLC is what keeps us alarmed and well informed, allowing us to act upon each individual matter with the respect and the attention it deserves.