All the Steps You Need to Follow Before Buying Real Estate in Cyprus: Process A to Z

Cyprus, with its enchanting landscapes, vibrant history, and strategic location, has long been a sought-after destination for real estate investment. Whether you’re an overseas investor, a retiree looking for a sunny haven, or a professional aiming for a lucrative deal, buying property in Cyprus can be an exciting yet intricate journey. This guide offers a comprehensive A to Z process to ensure a seamless real estate purchase in this Mediterranean gem.

A. Ascertain your Purpose:

Define the primary purpose of your investment. Are you buying for personal use, rental income, or capital appreciation? Your purpose will dictate the type, location, and size of the property you seek.

B. Budgeting:

Establish a clear budget. This includes the property price, legal fees, transfer fees, stamp duty, and any potential hidden costs.

C. Choose your Location:

From the coastal charms of Limassol to the historical appeal of Nicosia, Cyprus offers diverse locales. Research thoroughly based on your preferences and purpose.

D. Due Diligence:

Engage in meticulous research about the property market, average prices in your chosen location, and future development plans in the area.

E. Engage a Lawyer:

This is crucial. A local attorney, familiar with Cypriot property laws, will guide you through the legal intricacies and ensure a legitimate purchase.

F. Find a Reputed Estate Agent:

A licensed, experienced estate agent can show you various properties that match your criteria and provide invaluable local insights.

G. Go Visit:

It’s always recommended to physically inspect properties before making a decision. If possible, visit Cyprus to get a firsthand feel of the neighborhoods and properties.

H. Home Inspection:

Hire professionals to inspect the property, ensuring there are no structural issues or required repairs.

I. Inquire about Title Deeds:

Make sure the property has clear title deeds, ensuring you won’t face legal complications post-purchase.

J. Justify the Price:

Negotiate the property’s price. Your estate agent can be instrumental here, ensuring you get value for your money.

K. Know the Taxes:

Familiarize yourself with property taxes in Cyprus, including annual property tax, capital gains tax, and VAT on new properties.

L. Loan & Mortgage:

If you’re considering financing, approach local banks for mortgage options. Ensure you’re clear on the terms and interest rates.

M. Make an Offer:

Once satisfied, make a formal offer through your estate agent.

N. Notarize the Agreement:

Once both parties agree on the terms, sign a reservation agreement and pay a reservation fee. This takes the property off the market for a specified period.

O. Official Contract:

Your lawyer will draft the Sale Contract, detailing the terms, conditions, and timelines. Both parties sign this document.

P. Property Registration:

Register the contract with the Cyprus Land Registry, ensuring your rights to the property.

Q. Query Ongoing Costs:

Inquire about ongoing costs like maintenance fees, especially if you’re purchasing property within a complex.

R. Recheck All Legalities:

Your lawyer should cross-check any outstanding mortgages, debts, or legal issues related to the property.

S. Stamp Duty Payment:

Pay the necessary stamp duty, which is calculated based on the property’s purchase price.

T. Transfer of Title Deeds:

Upon full payment, ensure the title deeds are transferred to your name.

U. Utilities:

After acquisition, transfer all utilities like water, electricity, and internet to your name.

V. Verify Property Boundaries:

Ensure there are no disputes related to the property’s boundaries.

W. Welcome to Your New Home:

Once all formalities are done, celebrate the acquisition of your property in Cyprus.

X. eXplore the Community:

Engage with local communities, join clubs, or attend events to immerse yourself in the Cypriot lifestyle.

Y. Yield from Rental:

If you’re considering renting out, research local rental rates and consider hiring a property management agency.

Z. Zealously Protect Your Investment:

Consider insurance options to protect your property against unforeseen events.


Buying real estate in Cyprus is a rewarding endeavor, provided one navigates the journey with diligence and expert guidance. Advocates Cyprus, with its in-depth knowledge of the Cypriot property market, ensures a hassle-free and well-informed property acquisition.

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Published on: 08/09/23