Appeal Against the Republic of Cyprus for the Ministry of Health

Our Law Firm in Cyprus, Simon Zenios & Co, have just submitted an Appeal against the Republic of Cyprus (Ministry of Health). The case concerns an Applicant who applied at the Ministry of Health to fund his difficult Medical Operation in accordance with his religious beliefs that does not allow his conscience to accept a blood transfusion. The basis of the Application was due to the fact that Cyprus Hospitals do not have the required expertise and the necessary equipment to handle a medical operation following these standards.

The Government denied his application on the basis that it’s unlikely to need a blood transfusion during the Operation. Nevertheless, the decision was unjustifiable, vague and generic. The Government failed to examine all the legal facts of the Case.

The Applicant appealed against the Republic of Cyprus for the Ministry of Health at the Administrative Court within the Supreme Court of Cyprus.

Therefore, we shall await the Courts decision on the subject matter.

Our Law Firm has submitted already 4 Appeals against the Ministry of Health for 4 different applicants. It is worth mentioning, that the first Appeal has been settled with the Government after the submission. We, therefore, await the decision of the Cyprus Court on the Subject Matter.

Nevertheless, there is no legal precedent in Cyprus yet in this area. The first decision of the Court will create a precedent for future cases.

If for any reason we lose the case, we shall continue submitting appeals until we reach the European Court of Human Rights.

Published on: 12/10/18