Build Your Substance in Cyprus, Business Center Facilities, and Hiring Your Personnel in Cyprus

Establishing a substantial business presence in Cyprus offers a multitude of strategic advantages due to the island’s favorable economic climate, strategic location, and comprehensive infrastructure. Simon Zenios & Co LLC excels in aiding businesses to establish and demonstrate real economic presence or “substance” which is essential for leveraging Cyprus’s tax and business incentives. This involves detailed planning and execution in setting up operations, providing state-of-the-art business center facilities, and recruiting skilled personnel.

Substance in Cyprus: Strategic Importance and Benefits

Building substance goes beyond mere tax benefits; it involves creating a tangible operational framework that supports significant management activities and decision-making within Cyprus. This is crucial not only for tax optimization but also for enhancing business credibility and compliance with international standards.

Advantages of Building Substance in Cyprus:

  • Tax Optimization: Utilize Cyprus’s attractive corporate tax structures, including the IP Box regime.
  • Access to European Markets: Leverage Cyprus’s strategic position and EU membership for broader market access.
  • Enhanced Business Reputation: Strengthen credibility by operating within a well-regulated European jurisdiction.

Comprehensive Business Center Facilities

Simon Zenios & Co LLC provides a variety of office solutions through our business center facilities, designed to cater to diverse business needs from startups to established multinational corporations. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology and administrative support to ensure your business operations are seamless and professional.

Types of Office Solutions Offered:

  • Registered Office: Essential for businesses looking to meet the legal prerequisites of having a registered address in Cyprus without the need for physical office space.
  • Virtual Office: Offers a prestigious business address, mail handling, and communication services without the cost of a physical office, ideal for companies looking to establish a minimal presence.
  • Premium Virtual Office: Includes all the benefits of a virtual office, plus additional services such as dedicated phone lines and periodic use of office space and meeting rooms.
  • Shared Office: Cost-effective office solutions in a shared environment, suitable for freelancers and new entrepreneurs looking for networking opportunities while reducing overheads.
  • Executive Office: Fully equipped private office suites for businesses that require exclusive space and privacy, complete with executive furniture and tools tailored to senior management needs.

Expert Personnel Hiring and Recruitment Services

Recognizing the importance of human resources in demonstrating substance, Simon Zenios & Co LLC provides comprehensive recruitment solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our HR experts handle the entire recruitment process, ensuring that your company attracts and retains the best local and international talent.

Detailed Recruitment Services Include:

  • Talent Sourcing: Utilizing a mix of traditional and innovative sourcing strategies to find qualified candidates.
  • Screening and Interviews: Conducting thorough interviews and evaluations to ensure candidates meet the specific requirements of the role and company culture.
  • Compliance Checks: Ensuring all employment practices adhere to Cypriot labor laws, including contracts, work permits, and employee rights.
  • Onboarding Support: Facilitating a smooth integration process for new hires, including orientation and training.

One-Stop Solution Services

Simon Zenios & Co LLC offers an all-encompassing service portfolio that addresses every aspect of establishing and running a business in Cyprus:

  • Legal Services: Expert legal guidance on corporate, commercial, and employment law.
  • Corporate Services: Assistance with company formation, compliance, and governance.
  • Accounting Services: Comprehensive financial management including bookkeeping, tax filing, and financial reporting.
  • Office Space Solutions: A range of office types to suit different business phases and needs.
  • Personnel Services: End-to-end hiring solutions from job description formulation to final hiring and onboarding.


For businesses aiming to maximize their operational and fiscal efficiency in Cyprus, Simon Zenios & Co LLC provides robust solutions that ensure not only compliance but also strategic advantage in the competitive global market. Our commitment to offering comprehensive, integrated business services makes us the ideal partner for your Cyprus business venture.

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