Cyprus Energy Law

Energy is an ever-changing and always pivotal industry, with new opportunities arising and market shifts occurring in response. The recent discovery of natural gas in Cyprus puts it squarely on the map as a source of opportunity and potentially lucrative investments in the energy sector.

Our team at Simon Zenios & Co LLC aspires to be on the forefront of the shifting energy market, equipped and prepared to offer efficient and cost-effective services, assistance, and advice to our clients who wish to enter the energy industry in Cyprus. As a sector that overlaps in several areas of law, including EU regulations, multilateral and bilateral agreements, and Cyprus law, our lawyers take an interdisciplinary and multitasking approach in order to best satisfy our clients’ needs as fast as possible without overlooking any details and ensuring a legally airtight venture into the energy sector.

Aside from assisting our clients in identifying and properly handling potentially lucrative opportunities, we offer a number of services related to energy law, including:

  • Cyprus energy law
  • EU energy law
  • EU funding opportunities
  • Taxation
  • Public procurement
  • Oil and gas law
  • Securities law

If you are interested in obtaining more information about how we may assist you in your business endeavours in energy, please contact us below.

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