Cyprus Immigration Services

Our team at Simon Zenios & Co LLC can assist you during the entire process of immigrating to Cyprus, whether you are coming from within or outside of the EU, and whether it is for residency or citizenship.

We are able to assist you in any area of law related to immigration, including:

  • Visa applications
  • Residence permits
  • Ensuring that non-EU citizens have the ability to stay with their families in Cyprus during the process of acquiring Visas and the necessary permits for each case via employment permits or permanent residency permits
  • The application for and securing of Cyprus citizenship
  • Provision of legal advice and representation on any matter related to immigration law
  • Drafting employment contracts, tenancy contracts, contracts of sale, and any other type of contract needed
  • Company registrations and other corporate services

If you wish to immigrate to Cyprus and would like to make the transition as seamless and efficient as possible or if you are in the process of applying and need assistance in overcoming potential hurdles or obstacles, our lawyers are prepared to assist you and ensure that you and your family take the correct steps to secure everything you need to make your move to Cyprus as easy as possible.

For more information on our immigration services, please contact us below.

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