ICO Legal Services

ICO Legal Services

The crypto sphere is still a relatively new and evolving area of business and finance affecting markets and daily transactions globally. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are still unregulated for the time being which is one of the reasons why it is so important to have a team of legal experts to assist you in the process from the early stages.

The developments in the area of ICOs have meant that firms offering ICO legal services must be educated in the area in order to be in a position to protect the interest of their clients. At Simon Zenios & Co LLC our lawyers have been closely following the developments in this area and have acquired the specialized legal knowledge in order to be in a position to advise and assist our clients.

Our lawyers understand that the process of running your ICO will have legal implications stemming not only from the ICO documentation (White paper, T & C’s etc.) but also from marketing material. It is vital that clients running an ICO are advised as to the legal implications that can arise not only from the content of the documents but oftentimes from what is not included in the documents. Above all, we understand that legal certainty and clarity should govern the relationships between the ICO team and coin/token buyers, holders or users.

The process of running an ICO also presents legal implications in regards to token design which cannot be overlooked. Depending on its design, your ICO’s token may be considered a financial instrument and could thus be subject to financial regulation. This is why it is vitally important to have legal advice and support throughout the process.

Our team of ICO lawyers will be able to advise and assist you throughout the process which will begin with an introductory call with our team of experts, the point of which is for our team to understand your requirements and objectives. Following this, we can then provide you with a quote for our ICO Legal services. If the quote is accepted and you decide to engage our legal services, the next step will be for us to collaborate with your team and come up with a detailed legal services plan.

We offer a range of Legal Services including:

ICO Legal Services

  • Legal Support during the Whitelist Period, Pre-ICO & ICO period.
  • SAFT Agreement.
  • Token Purchase Agreement.
  • Preparation and drafting of the ICO Private Placement Offering Document.
  • Preparation and drafting of the pre-Crowd Token Offer (Pre ICO) and Crowd Token Offer Agreement (ICO).
  • Legal Report for the Token (Security or Utility?) after the Reviewal of the Whitepaper (Opinion Letter from our Law Firm – Requirement for the Bank & the Exchanges).
  • Legal Disclaimer for the Whitepaper.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Terms of Use.
  • Security Policy.
  • Legal Review of the Whitepaper.
  • Legal Review of the Website.
  • Legal Review of all Social Media Platforms.
  • Legal assessment for the ICO’s compliance with the current regulatory framework.
  • Legal assessment of the application of the Token and ICO within the current regulatory framework for investment services.
  • Extensive legal review of the Token and ICO’s compliance with other applicable legislation (Data Protection Regulations, Consumer Protection Regulations etc.).
  • KYC Legal Advice and solutions for your ICO.

ICO Corporate & Accounting Services

  • Token Company Incorporation and maintenance.
  • Marketing Company Incorporation and maintenance.
  • E-money Company Formation & Licensing.
  • Tax and VAT Services.
  • Corporate Legal Services.
  • Administrative and Fiduciary Services.
  • Accounting services through our Associate Accounting Firm.

Other Non-Legal ICO Services

  • Smart contract preparation and drafting.
  • Creation of multi-signature wallet.
  • Issuing of Tokens (ERC20 compatible).
  • Listing on the Exchanges.

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