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Simon Zenios and Co LLC, express a special interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and it is widely known for becoming a leading Corporate Law Firm in Cyprus dealing with such matters. Experience together with dedication, and services provided to more than 200 ICOs, IEOs and STOs and counting, set the firm an important contributor in attempting to make Cyprus a Blockchain oasis.

An article published by Simon Zenios and Co LLC, was republished on (Cyprus strategy to take the lead in the Blockchain and DLT Industry), emphasizing on the current developing events of crypto in Cyprus and the expertise the firm presents.

Cyprus has been established as one of the main jurisdictions to launch an STO with statements such as that the island’s blockchain regulation will undoubtedly be ready this year. The main goal as mentioned is to introduce innovative digital technologies, provide the required framework for their establishment and explore the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Cyprus’ friendly approach towards cryptocurrency is the ground on which such efforts can become fruitful and benefit our country in ways that could not even be perceived in the previous years.

The country is not only considered adequate in introducing new Blockchain projects, but also to welcome existing ones. Those projects can be highly benefitted, mostly due to the country’s taxation system which not only enables, but also favours the development of Cryptocurrency.

Except from the active involvement of the law firm in Blockchain endeavours, it also contributes to the government’s attempt to draft the New Blockchain Regulation. In particular, the firm attends meetings and conferences and investigates the different possibilities regarding the Crypto world.

The next scheduled meetup is on the 7th of August where the attempt to make Cyprus the new Blockchain island in the EU will be presented and discussed.

Published on: 06/08/19