Bitcoin Club Cyprus meetup / 31st July 2019

Simon Zenios and Co LLC law firm’s involvement and interest in the updates in the crypto world is motivated by the current digitalization in transactions and investments both in Cyprus and the world.

Participating in the Bitcoin Club Cyprus meetup on the 31st of July was a pleasure since our firm has been providing International Corporate Services to IEOs, ICOs and STOs. We take pride in being a leading law firm in Cyprus in Corporate, Legal & Banking services for Blockchain & Forex related Companies. Thus, being informed on the latest changes and updates related to the field is considered significant.

Cryptocurrency and the use of digital tokens in investments have taken an essential place in today’s legal and financial framework. Understanding how digital money works and what exactly Bitcoin is, is not a piece of information only for the beginners in the field. There is always room for more knowledge; there is always motivation to acquire more information and be in the front line of Cryptocurrency updates. Especially now, with the introduction of Cryptocurrency debit cards, for example, digital transactions have proven to be constantly developing. This leaves our firm with no other choice than being ahead of the events to ensure services based on perfection.

For Simon Zenios and Co LLC to continue providing adequate legal services on this domain, constant engagement to related events is a must.

Bitcoin Club Cyprus meetup on the 31st of July

Published on: 01/08/19