Engaging with Blockchain Technology Companies, Shanghai, China, July 2019

Simon Zenios & Co LLC had recently been present in a variety of meetings with leading Blockchain Technology Companies in Shanghai, China.

  • Innovative ideas concerning investments abroad, including around the EU, had been discussed.
  • Different perceptions had been combined, which introduced a frequent target: the combination of varied concepts regarding FinTech Companies.

The goal is led by FinTech’s recent popularity, both in Cyprus and on an international level.

Digital payments and investments are on the rise for the past few years worldwide, from day to day activities, to significant investments initiated by official associations. It becomes clear that discussions around possible steps towards the use of Cryptocurrency services with different Companies and authorities, willing to present and incorporate their ingenious suggestions, are vital. Through the meetings, the Cypriot and European legal frameworks were presented, on the grounds of which, steps towards the direction of practically adapting Cryptocurrency processes, would be fulfilled. The main goal would be that out of the interaction and the exchange of views on the FinTech corporations, new, inventive projects would arise.

Through a series of meetings, Simon Zenios & Co LLC

  • Had conversations around the matter and the possibility of partnering with Chinese Blockchain Companies.
  • Discussed their intention in expanding their activities within the European Union Zone, a fact which offers significant possibilities of expansion for FinTech companies.

The meetings and the overall cooperation will signify the introduction of original practices and the birth of innovatory projects related to Cryptocurrency services and techniques and the digital era of Blockchain activities.

Published on: 25/07/19