House of Parliament Conference

Following the recent meet-up which took place on the 16th of September, an upcoming conference regarding Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Incorporation is to take place at the House of Parliament. The conference is organized with the active presence of the President of the Cyprus Parliament, Demetris Syllouris.

The conference will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October and its main topic will be the incorporation of technological innovations in the spectrum of our lives.

The conference will be consisted of three panels, dealing with different aspects which are going to be visited during the event.

Simon Zenios & Co LLC has not only been invited but two of the firm’s lawyers will also take part in the third panel. This panel will be dealing with Blockchain technology and national strategies, a very heated matter of the current updates, as Cyprus is to become the next leading Blockchain island in the EU.

The panel is led by Dr. Marinos Themistocleous, head of the Institute For the Future (IFF) and Deputy Dean of the Business Administration field of the University of Nicosia.

The panels will be consisted of politicians, academics, scientists, company members and any individuals involved in the topics that are going to be covered during the conference.

Simon Zenios & Co LLC is delighted to be part of the event, as it is expected to signal important decisions for our island and its role as a Blockchain leader.

Published on: 26/09/19