Is Cyprus the New Fintech Island for 2023? All You Need to Know for Forex Companies, Crypto, and Payment Service Providers

With the meteoric rise of Fintech industries, nations globally are vying to position themselves as the leading hubs of innovation. The small island of Cyprus has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in this race, presenting a conducive environment for Forex Companies, Cryptocurrencies, and Payment Service Providers (PSPs). So, as we delve into 2023, is Cyprus truly becoming the new ‘Fintech Island’? Let’s uncover the facts.

1. Forex Companies: The Cyprus Magnet

Strategic Licensing: Cyprus’s regulatory body, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), offers CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm) licenses, which are recognized across the European Union due to MiFID II regulations.

Attractive Tax Regime: The island offers a corporate tax rate of 12.5%, one of the most competitive in the EU.

Robust Infrastructure: Cyprus provides Forex companies with a modern digital framework, a stable electricity grid, and superior connectivity – vital components for seamless operations.

2. Cryptocurrencies: A Rising Digital Haven

Progressive Legislation: Cyprus is proactive in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the crypto world. The nation is working towards establishing a clear regulatory framework that will cater to the unique dynamics of cryptocurrencies.

Educational Initiatives: Universities in Cyprus have pioneered programs related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The University of Nicosia was one of the first globally to offer a Masters in Digital Currency.

Crypto-Friendly Ecosystem: A growing number of merchants, coupled with a general positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies, makes Cyprus an inviting place for crypto startups and investors.

3. Payment Service Providers (PSPs): Why Cyprus is a Top Choice

EU Alignment: As an EU member, Cyprus PSPs can benefit from the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), allowing them to operate across the European Economic Area.

Innovation-driven Regulation: The Central Bank of Cyprus, while ensuring consumer protection, promotes innovation, fostering a favorable environment for PSPs.

Multilingual Talent Pool: With the local workforce fluent in English, Greek, and often Russian or other languages, PSPs can cater to a diverse clientele with ease.

Additional Factors Propelling Cyprus as the Fintech Island of 2023:

Investment Influx: Recognizing the potential, global investors are flocking to Cyprus, providing the necessary financial fuel for Fintech endeavors.

Networking Opportunities: Cyprus regularly hosts international Fintech conferences, seminars, and workshops, positioning itself as a networking nexus in the Fintech domain.

Government Initiatives: The Cypriot government is actively pushing agendas to establish the country as a Fintech stronghold, with incentives for startups and robust support infrastructure.


Cyprus’s dynamic push into the realms of Forex, crypto, and PSPs, bolstered by its strategic location, regulatory environment, and innovative spirit, undoubtedly marks it as a rising star in the Fintech universe. As we navigate through 2023, Cyprus’s commitment to fostering this sector suggests a promising trajectory.

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Published on: 01/09/23