Law & Technology: Crypto-Assets, Financial Services and Regulators 

Our Fintech Corporate Law Firm will be participating in the 4th training seminar of the Technology Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association with the subject “Law & technology: Crypto-assets, Financial services and regulators” which is scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 16:00, through the zoom platform. 

The Event will start with greetings from the President of the Cyprus Bar Association, Mr Christos Klerides. 

Invited to the Event is Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission.

On behalf of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr Konstantinos Kaniouras, Officer of the First Hellenic Capital Market Commission of Cyprus, will examine the “Terminological clarifications on the phenomenon of innovative technologies in financial services resulting in a focus on Crypto-Assets”. 

Our director, Mr Simon Zenios, a member of the Technology Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association, will be a panellist in the Roundtable discussion with the theme  “Innovative technologies in financial services and supervisory response: Legislative initiatives and supervisory practice”.  (Blockchain and Crypto-Assets)

Given recently adopted legislation and other planned legislative acts, an auspicious event with the regulatory body of Cyprus addressed the regulatory handling of crypto-assets. 

All Cyprus Lawyers and members of the Cyprus Bar Association are invited to join this Event.

Published on: 28/07/22