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With Cryptocurrency and the well-known Bitcoin, casinos are a field which could not be unaffected by the trend. Bitcoin casino is an online platform which allows the players to use Bitcoin as a payment method. In other words, it is a Crypto Casino, which follows the digitalization transition of the present time, towards online transactions and Cryptocurrency. dives deep into explaining how Cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital payment network which can be adopted in all aspects of transactions including casinos.

The most popular Cryptocurrencies that are accepted for the purpose are of course Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

Cryptocurrency by Facebook (In 5 minutes)

However, there is a new addition to the family of Cryptocurrency, which is the one developed by Facebook, Libra. Libra was designed having as a goal the facilitation of Global economy, with individuals from around the world having easy and quick access to equal financial opportunities.

Libra is powered by Blockchain, which of course makes it secure and easily accessible, regardless your location. Libra: Cryptocurrency by Facebook (in 5 minutes) is an Infographic developed by which aims to provide all the necessary information and guidance to individuals wishing to make use of it.

Simon Zenios & Co LLC, being a corporate law firm, highly involved into the world of Cryptocurrency and digital transactions and investment is able to provide all the insights on the developments in the Blockchain sphere.

Further information on the new era of Crypto Casinos as well as on the birth of Libra shall be found by visiting the following links:

Published on: 21/08/19