• Cyprus strategy to take the lead in the Blockchain and DLT Industry

    Cyprus – the New Blockchain Island within the EU?The amendment of the Cyprus Prospectus Law effected on the 19th of April 2019, established Cyprus among the leading jurisdictions to launch an STO. The amendment raised the threshold below which there is no obligation to publish a prospectus to raise up to 5 million Euro during the crowdfunding.Therefore, Security Offerings such as STOs, with total consideration in the Union of less than 5 million Euro calculated over a period of 12 ...
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  • Prospectus Law for Security Token Offering in Cyprus – STO’s in Cyprus

    In the European Union, the legal framework surrounding the offering of securities to the public and the admission of securities to trading on a regulated market are set by the Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 (“the Regulation”) which came into force since 20/07/2017 and repeals and replaces the Prospective Directive 2003/71/EC (“the Directive). Its provisions will come into full effect on 21/07/2019. Even though the Regulation’s provisions are directly applicable in Member States, in order to implement the changes brought with it, Cyprus made amendments to its national law, ...
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  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in Cyprus

    Any person interested in technology, business, or even just general global affairs must have come across the term ICO. Ever since the creation of Bitcoin almost a decade ago, the technology behind it – Blockchain, has revolutionized many fundamentals aspects of online operations. This document looks at the advantage, steps, and regulation of blockchain technology and ICOs in Cyprus. Download the complete publication here:Why Cyprus is the ideal ICO destinationCyprus is one of the most Crypto friendly jurisdiction in the world. Such ...
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