Simon Zenios & Co LLC Rated as The Leading Law Firm in Cyprus for ICO’s and Blockchain Companies

Simon Zenios & Co LLC have been recognised as taking a lead role in blockchain technology and ICO’s in Cyprus –  With details of this effort featuring in three articles on exclusive blockchain websites:

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The Firm, Blockchain and ICO’s

At Simon Zenios & Co LLC, our lawyers have been closely following the developments in the ICO area and have acquired specialized legal knowledge in order to be in a position to advise and assist clients in Cyprus blockchain legal services and also Cyprus ICO legal services.

It is essential to have legal advice and support throughout the process of running an ICO in Cyprus due to the fact that legal implications in regards to token design cannot be overlooked. As a result of the recognition of the public, websites related to this field have uploaded articles advertising our company Simon Zenios and Co LLC.


Article about Simon Zenios & Co LLC involvement with legal services for blockchain and ICO in Cyprus

Financial Report 24:

article about Simon Zenios & Co LLC role in legal services for ICOs and blockchain technology in Cyprus

The Currency Analytics:

Simon Zenios & Co LLC featured in an article for works in legal advice for ICOs and Blockchain in Cyprus

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Published on: 30/08/18