Updates in relation to the Fintech Legal & Corporate Services

The International Fintech Law Firm - to Enter the European Union Market
The International Fintech Law Firm
We would like to inform you, with our updated website and the new main areas we practice as a Fintech Corporate Law Firm.

Main Area Of Practice:
Cyprus Company Incorporation 

Cyprus LLC is an ideal solution as EU intermediary or holding company, as well as regional headquarter.

Easy and quick formation of Limited Liability Company within the European Union with a low corporate tax rate of 12,5% Zero taxation on dividends for holding companies and benefits of double taxation agreements with 44 countries worldwide.

What we provide:
Ready-Made Cyprus Company
Virtual Offices available
Office Space/Room available for your Personel along with Telephone Line.
Bank Account Incorporation in Europe.
Offshore Bank Account Incorporation.
Any Service upon request

Our 1st Area of Practice: 
1. Forex Broker / Investment Firm License
Forex broker licensed in Europe and internationally, have the ability to establish a branch in Cyprus, a reputable and trusted jurisdiction.

Our 2nd Area of Practice:
2. Payment & E-money Institution E-banks and payment gateways are increasing in popularity, however, Blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms are considered to provide regulated services which require a license.

Our 3rd Area of Practice:
3. Alternative Investment Fund
The Alternative Investment Funds Law enacted in 2018, aims to make Cyprus one of the major destinations for fund establishment in Europe and the licensing of fund manager companies, as it provides very flexible structures and cost-efficient opportunities for establishing a fund that can be marketed to the European Union.

Our 4th Area of Practice:
4. Collective Investments
Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferrable Securities (“UCITS”) are a type of investment fund, suitable for Blockchain projects looking to market their security crypto assets to a wide range of European retail investors through a medium that is regulated by the Laws of Cyprus in accordance with the European Directives. Because of the extensive regulations, surrounding their licensing and operations, they are regarded as trustworthy by regulators at an international level.

Our 5th Area of Practice:
5. IEO International Legal Services
Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) are the new trend of the crypto sphere, where tokens are offered through an exchange partner.

Our 6th Area of Practice:
6. ICO Legal Services
Nowadays, ICO is one of the most innovative and popular ways to raise funds for start-up businesses as well as new projects of well-established corporations.

Our 7th Area of Practice:
7. STO Legal Services
STOs, combine the trust that comes with regulation and the use of Blockchain technology, developing alongside the emerging cryptocurrency rules and regulations.

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