Our International Corporate Law Firm in Paris, France at Blockchain Summit 2019

Simon Zenios & Co LLC had the pleasure to be invited at the Paris Blockchain Conference 2019.

A conference placed in the heart of France, Paris, which was the first International event in France dedicated to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

The event hosted international key players of the Blockchain ecosystem including:

  • well-known influencers
  • investors
  • government representatives
  • blockchain developers
  • law firms and service providers among them Simon Zenios & Co LLC as one of the main sponsors of the event.

Paris Blockchain Summit was a unique opportunity for Simon Zenios & Co LLC to connect with international stakeholders who want to promote the industry, generate concrete leads, attend presentations with the actual application of the technology and experience hands-on learning from dedicated Workshops and Keynotes.

Many Blockchain experts had the opportunity to present a speech sharing their knowledge on the blockchain, among them Simon Zenios who had the opportunity to participate as a Keynote speaker with a 30-minute speech and afterwards opened a discussion with the participants and then answered all their questions.

It was an interesting interaction with the guests of the event, beginners and more professionals to discuss and share knowledge with each other.

As a conclusion, Paris Blockchain Summit 2019 was an educational event and Simon Zenios & Co LLC had the pleasure to meet new people and establish new relations and gain another amazing experience.

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Published on: 07/03/19